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This is the project site CLAC L+T.

CLAC is an acronym of the words Logical Composition Aided by Computer and L+T refers to the Language on which the progam is based and the Tools of the visual interface that help develop the compositions.

The main purpose of CLAC is to provide a software that allow to create designs and graphics in a different way than other graphic programs. With CLAC you can describe the logical rules that generate the composition.

The language CLAC-L was created to describe and develop complex compositions using Declarative Logic.

The book "CLACL design, Introduction to Formal Composition"(in italian)

Festival della Matematica 2009

This project has been presented at the 3rd edition of the Festival of Mathematics 2009 - "Creation and Recreation" held in Rome at the AUDITORIUM PARCO DELLA MUSICA from the 19th to the 22nd of March 2009 with the title "Logic Composition".

A first session of this festival takes place in New York at the Italian Academy at Columbia University and at the Italian Institute of Culture from the 10th to the 11th of March.

On this occasion has been issued the new software release CLAC (the 0.6) that can be downloaded from the "Program" section on this site.

Material presented in the festival of mathematics (italian)

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